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The NCR Corporation specializes in technology for cash registers and point of purchase machines for retail, financial, healthcare, food services and other entertainment driven industries. Products manufactured and sold by NCR include self-service kiosks, ATMs, check processing systems and barcode scanners. Each of these products requires cartridges of inkjet, laser toner or specially designed ribbon cassettes to print out receipts and other documentation. carries a full line of genuine, remanufactured and compatible ink products that can stock any NCR machine from cash register to ATM to restaurant ticket machines all at a low cost to the consumer.
1255 1770 ATM
1773 ATM 1780 ATM
1830 2061
2061-5400 2125 Bar - Restaurant Model
2125 General Purpose Model 2126
2126-1300 2126-1400
2126-5000 2126-6000
2131 2140 17 Column PTR
2140 K-160 2140 K-160 PTR
2140 Wide 2152 Wide
2153 2154
2155 Narrow 2156
2157 Narrow 2162
2169 AFNR 2170 K-079
2170 K-079 Receipt Journal 2170 K-083
2170 K-083 Receipt Journal 2170 K-088
2170 K-088 Receipt Journal 2170 K-097
2170 K-097 Receipt Journal 2170 K-098
2170 K-098 Receipt Journal 2170 K-160 Receipt Journal
2170 K-161 2170 K-161 Receipt Journal
2170 K-162 2170 K-162 Receipt Journal
2170 K-183 2170 K-183 Receipt Journal
2170 K-188 2170 K-188 Receipt Journal
2170 K-193 2170 K-194
2170 W-2173 Kitchen Printer 2170 W-7160 Kitchen Printer
2173 Kitchen Printer 2174 Remote Printer
2189 2190
2191 Journal Printer 2192
2193 2195
2196 P16 Printer 2197
2199 2202
2203 2207
2208 2251
2252 2260
2261 2262
2270 2557
2560 2561
5000 5021
5062 5067
5080 5081
5100 WorkStation 5890 ATM
6020 6040
6417-0101 6417-0201
6622-ATM 6625-ATM
6626-ATM 6628-ATM
6631-ATM 6632-ATM
6634-ATM 6636-ATM
6638-ATM 7050
7051 7054
7140 7151
7161 Kitchen Printer 7162
7166 7167 Slip Printer
7190 7445 100X PRINTER
7445 K-520-V001 7452
7453 7454
7455 7728
7731 Proof Machine ITRAN-3000T
SELFSERV-38-ATM Tellerscan TS200
Tellerscan TS210 Tellerscan TS210E
Tellerscan TS215 Tellerscan TS220
Tellerscan TS220E Tellerscan TS230
Tellerscan TS300 Tellerscan TS400ES
Tellerscan TS4120

The history of NCR begins in 1884, formerly known as the National Manufacturing Company, when it established a manufacturing base for the first cash register invented by James Ritty. Upon selling the patents to John Henry and Frank Jefferson Patterson the company was renamed the National Cash Register Company, henceforth the NCR moniker. Through shrewd marketing and keen demonstration the Patterson brothers were able to convince a leery clientele that the cash register, at the time a very expensive item, was worth purchasing. The Pattersons were able to show shop owners that they could cut down on employee theft.

The company rapidly grew to become the standard bearer in retail management, buying up the competition along the way until it was found guilty of violating the Sherman Antitrust Act in 1912. The convictions wee overturned in 1915 after it was found that defense evidence had been banned from admission in the case. Over the next 70 years the company grew exponentially creating more innovative retail machines as well as small computers and ATM machines. AT&T finally bought the company in 1991 where it was joined with the Teradata Corporation. It became a subsidiary of the telecom giant until it emerged once again as a stand-alone business in 1997.

Based in Duluth, Georgia, NCR is the preeminent purveyor of retail machines as well ATMs for use in retail outlets and banking centers. The company plans on relocating the corporate headquarters back to Dayton, Ohio, where the company initially was based. The need to stock the machines that NCR have invented and sold is a daunting task. is fully able to meet the need of the NCR device owner, providing top-notch customer service and carrying a premium stock of ink products guaranteed to perform up to NCR machine standards.