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The Oki Electric Corporation, commonly known in America as Okidata is a multinational electronics and technology giant based in Japan. Okidata is a global leader in telecom products as well printing and office machine technology. Okidata has expanded to manufacturing automated teller machines and point of purchase printing machine along with phone products and printing devices. Considered an innovative member of the office machine industry, the high-quality printers, faxes and point of purchase machines manufactured by Okidata are amongst the best printing machines in the office imaging industry.
C110 C130N C3100 C310DN C3200
C3200N C330DN C331DN C3400N C3450
C3530 C3530N C3530NMFP C3600N C5100N
C510DN C511DN C5150N C5200N C5250
C5300N C530DN C531DN C5400 C5400DN
C5400DTN C5400N C5400TN C5450 C5500N
C5510MFP C5510N MFP C5550N C5550NMFP C5650DN
C5650N C5800LDN C6000DN C6000N C6050DN
C6050N C6100DN C6100DTN C6100HDN C6100N
C610CDN C610DN C610DTN C610N C6150DN
C6150DTN C6150HDN C6150N C7100 C7100N
C710DN C710DTN C710N C711DN C711DTN
C711N C711WT C7200 C7200N C7300
C7300DXN C7300N C7350HDN C7350N C7400
C7400DXN C7400N C7500 C7500DXN C7500N
C7550HDN C7550N C810 C822DN C822N
C830DN C830DTN C830N C831D C831DN
C8600DN C8600DTN C8600N C8800DN C8800DTN
C8800N C9200 C9200DXN C9200N C9300
C9300DXN C9300N C9400DXN C9400N C9500
C9500DXN C9600HDN C9600N C9650DN C9650HDN
C9650N C9800HDN C9800HN

Microline 120 Microline 172 Microline 180
Microline 182 Microline 182 Turbo Microline 182+
Microline 183 Microline 184 Turbo Microline 186
Microline 192 Microline 192+ Microline 193
Microline 194 Microline 195 Microline 280
Microline 320 Microline 320 Turbo Microline 321
Microline 321 Turbo Microline 3320 Microline 3321
Microline 3390 Microline 3391 Microline 380
Microline 385 Microline 386 Microline 390
Microline 390 Turbo Microline 390+ Microline 391
Microline 391 Turbo Microline 391+ Microline 393
Microline 393+ Microline 393C Microline 393C+
Microline 395 Microline 395C Microline 420
Microline 421 Microline 490 Microline 491
Microline 590 Microline 590N Microline 591
Microline 591N Microline 620 Microline 621
Microline 690 Microline 691 Microline 720
Microline 721 Microline 790 Microline 791

Okidata manufactured the first telephone in Japan in 1881. Under Japanese Telephone Expansion Plans, Okidata worked hand in hand with the government to spread use and the availability of the telephone in Japan. Reaping great profits during World War I due to rising demand Okidata was able to build its brand and expand its force and innovation. Okidata began branching into the printing business manufacturing railroad printers and continuing its innovative work in the telecom industry. Okidata advanced the technology of the common-battery switchboard. With an increase of business due to military need, Okidata was enabled to grow exponentially, providing wireless technology both to the military and the public.

While the Japanese economy continued to grow so did Okidata. As the largest telecom provider in the country, Okidata experienced an incredible boon in profit and innovation. Introducing electric typewriters and early model automated teller machines during the 1960s and 70s, Okidata and its cutting edge research and development prowess led to the manufacturing of dot-matrix printers. These early printers led to the full line of high-quality office imaging machine Okidata offers today. Each machine, whether printer, fax, ATM or point of purchase machine is an innovative imaging device. Okidata has remained a leading member of the office imaging industry since the dawn and development of the Internet. carries a full line of inkjet and laser toner cartridges and printing supplies for every model of Okidata business machine. Contact at 877 INK-GRAB for more information on how to purchase ink products through Okidata business machines require high-quality ink that can cost more money than the average business is ready to budget. offers these products, genuine and remanufactured at a low cost so you can keep your Okidata imaging device up and running without breaking the bank. is your one-stop shop for all of your Okidata office machine needs.