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The Samsung Group is a worldwide conglomerate that is based in South Korea. By revenue, Samsung is the world’s second largest conglomerate manufacturing consumer electronics such as televisions, audio and digital video as well as Blue Ray video systems and a host of other products. Samsung is also responsible for a full line of multifunction printers for use at home and in business, workgroup settings. With a line of printers that feature the entire gamut of workplace function your business needs; Samsung business machines are second to none. carries a full line of ink and toner products to supply Samsung machines.
ML-1010 ML-1020M ML-1210 ML-1220M ML-1250
ML-1430 ML-1440 ML-1450 ML-1451N ML-1500
ML-1510 ML-1510B ML-1520 ML-1610 ML-1630
ML-1630W ML-1640 ML-1650 ML-1651N ML-1652P
ML-1653S ML-1660 ML-1661 ML-1665 ML-1666
ML-1670 ML-1675 ML-1710 ML-1710B ML-1710D
ML-1710P ML-1740 ML-1750 ML-1755 ML-1860
ML-1861 ML-1864 ML-1865 ML-1910 ML-1915
ML-2010 ML-2150 ML-2150N ML-2151N ML-2152W
ML-2160 ML-2161 ML-2164 ML-2164W ML-2165
ML-2165W ML-2240 ML-2250 ML-2251N ML-2251NP
ML-2251W ML-2252W ML-2450 ML-2510 ML-2525
ML-2525W ML-2540 ML-2545 ML-2550 ML-2551N
ML-2552W ML-2570 ML-2571N ML-2580N ML-2850
ML-2850D ML-2851ND ML-2855ND ML-2950ND ML-2950NDR
ML-2955DW ML-2955ND ML-3050 ML-3051N ML-3051ND
ML-3310 ML-3310ND ML-3312ND ML-3470D ML-3470ND
ML-3471ND ML-3560 ML-3560DB ML-3561N ML-3561ND
ML-3562W ML-3710 ML-3710DW ML-3710ND ML-3712DW
ML-3712ND ML-3750ND ML-3753 ML-4050N ML-4055
ML-4500 ML-4510ND ML-4512ND ML-4550 ML-4551N
ML-4551NDR ML-4555 ML-4600 ML-5000A ML-5000G
ML-5010ND ML-5012ND ML-5015ND ML-5017ND ML-5050G
ML-5100A ML-5500 ML-5510N ML-5510ND ML-5512ND
ML-6000 ML-6040 ML-6050 ML-6060 ML-6060N
ML-6060S ML-6100 ML-6510ND ML-6512ND ML-7000
ML-7000N ML-7000P ML-7040AG ML-7050 ML-7300

SCX-2160N SCX-3200 SCX-3201 SCX-3205 SCX-3206
SCX-3210 SCX-3217 SCX-3218 SCX-3400 SCX-3400F
SCX-3401 SCX-3401FH SCX-3405 SCX-3405F SCX-3405FW
SCX-3405W SCX-3406HW SCX-3406W SCX-3407 SCX-4016
SCX-4100 SCX-4116 SCX-4200 SCX-4216 SCX-4216F
SCX-4300 SCX-4321 SCX-4500 SCX-4500W SCX-4520
SCX-4521F SCX-4521FG SCX-4600 SCX-4623F SCX-4623FN
SCX-4623FW SCX-4701ND SCX-4705ND SCX-4720F SCX-4720FN
SCX-4725F SCX-4725FN SCX-4726FD SCX-4726FN SCX-4727FD
SCX-4728FD SCX-4729FD SCX-4729FW SCX-4824FN SCX-4825FN
SCX-4826FN SCX-4828FN SCX-4833 SCX-4833FD SCX-4835FR
SCX-5112 SCX-5115 SCX-5312F SCX-5315F SCX-5350
SCX-5530FN SCX-5635FN SCX-5637 SCX-5637FR SCX-5639FR
SCX-5739FW SCX-5835FN SCX-5935FN SCX-6120 SCX-6122FN
SCX-6220 SCX-6320F SCX-6322DN SCX-6345FN SCX-6345N
SCX-6520FN SCX-6545N SCX-6545NG SCX-6545NX SCX-6555N

Samsung, most well known because of its variety of consumer entertainment products is part of a larger group that spans all manner of business wings. With insurance divisions, home appliances and computer chip production the Samsung Group is even involved in the world’s second largest theme park, Samsung Everworld. Samsung Electronics is responsible for the production of the majority of consumer electronics and computer parts and peripherals including its office machine arm. With an inventory of both single and multifunction devices in both monochrome and color, Samsung provides a bevy of office printing solutions for any business.

The laser printing technology available from Samsung is sure to perform to the expectations of the most discriminating user. Samsung printers are also ideal for home use. The small footprint and affordable cost for each series model makes it a perfect peripheral for your home computer, allowing personal users to print professional looking documents and even photo reproduction. Multifunction and single units can produce two-sided printing dependent on the machine you purchase and each printer has a high capacity workload toner cartridge that can print upwards and beyond 1,500 pages. carries a full line of guaranteed laser ink and toner cartridges for every series and model of Samsung printer available and those discontinued. stocks and sells a large variety of remanufactured and compatible toner cartridges along with genuine ink for use in any Samsung printer. believes in keeping you in printer ink, even when a machine has been discontinued, even if a genuine laser product is no longer available. The Samsung Group is leading the way in consumer electronics as we continue to head into the new century, providing the finest electronics, office machines and much more.