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Sharp Toner Cartridges

The Sharp Corporation is a well-known and renowned multinational electronics manufacturer that employs over 64,000 people worldwide. The company’s efficiency in producing high quality electronic appliances has been the hallmark of success for the Sharp Corporation. With a manufacturing and retail wing that provides everything electronic from TVs, home entertainment systems such as blue ray disc players, DVD machines and stereo equipment, industrial electronics and even office imaging machines with laser, inkjet and ribbon printing service, Sharp is a global leader in producing and purveying elite electronics products. Sharp is also on the pulse of the newest innovations in alternative energy.
Since its humble beginnings in 1912, Sharp has created and provided customers with cutting edge products. With the invention of the mechanical pencil in 1915, the legend of Sharp had begun. Sharp mostly produced consumer products and were developing the first generation radio sets and televisions for Japanese markets in the early half of the 20th century. In 1964, with no pervious experience in developing computer technology, Sharp produced the world’s first transistor calculator spring boarding it into a state of innovation that has been the company calling card ever since. With a full line of consumer electronics Sharp has become an industry leader in electronic manufacturing.

Sharp produces a full line of Multifunctional printing devices for use at home and in the office. Printers, cash registers and even still, calculators, the Sharp Corporation provides state of the art imaging and office electronics for use at home, a small business or even large scale operations. The Sharp name is well respected in the electronics industry for its long-standing success and purveyance of high-test, durable and innovative office imaging, and calculation machines. carries the printing solutions you need to stock the entire line of these business and home machines at a lower cost to our retail and online competitors.

With a full line of genuine, remanufactured and compatible, inkjet, laser toner, ribbon packs, cartridges and refill kits, is your one and only haven for Sharp printing solutions. The Sharp Corporation provides an innovative and reliable line of workgroup machines that require top quality inkjet and toner to run smoothly and without fail. The experts at can provide professional and learned knowledge of the kind of printing solution you need for your particular Sharp device. Whether multifunctional device, small office calculator or cash register unit, will keep you Sharp.