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Amongst its long line of office machine solutions, Hewlett Packard also it Fax Series. Undoubtedly of HP quality and innovation, this series of communication devices carries all of the style, versatility and performance you would expect from a company like HP. The HP Fax Series have redefined the way we communicate by fax offering a slew of inventive features that make it a useful tool for any office, whether, large-scale, small or just at home. carries the full line of inkjet you need to continue your HP Fax machine to produce a quality, high-resolution communiqué throughout the life of the machine.

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Fax 920 Fax 950 provides genuine, remanufactured and compatible ink cartridges at low cost to you than other distributors at a high quality and vigorously tested standard. Each cartridge we carry and sell meets or exceeds the standards set for ISO9001 certification. This certification ensures that the product we sell is compatible for your HP Fax machine and will not adversely affect your warranty agreement. Each cartridge is also displayed with a page yield percentage. This reference tool allows you to keep an approximate account of how much inkjet you need for a given amount of communication traffic you might have over your HP Fax.

The commitment excellence is apparent in how we stand by the high quality of our product. We offer a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee for any cartridge you deem not to meet your expectations. Simply return the ink and you receive a full refund for the cost of the item, no questions asked. For any damaged or incompatible cartridges you might receive you can exchange any item for a replacement at no extra charge. This guarantee is a hallmark of the pledge to provide top-notch customer service leading to you 100 percent satisfaction.

The hotline is available for call at 877 INK GRAB. Our customer service team can guide you through the entire purchasing process and answer any questions or allay any worries you might have about compatibility or installation of our product. Our experts will make sure you receive the inkjet product you need for your HP Fax machine. Sign up to the newsletter for increase savings on all HP ink and toner products. We regularly update the newsletter with discount codes and coupon that might apply to a potential HP ink product purchase.