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Lexmark Optra Toner Cartridges

Lexmark International, always on the cutting edge of office imaging technology, offers a multitude of printers that fit a variety of business needs. Clear and concise reproductions of important office documents are a Lexmark specialty. The Lexmark Optra Series of monochrome laser printers are high yield machines that are perfect for businesses of all sizes, offering speed, reliability and endurance to create a picture perfect office condition. carries a full line of high capacity black laser toner cartridges for use in your Optra Series machine. Along with genuine and remanufactured toner, also offers MICR toner for Optra printers capable of printing checks.

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Optra SE3455 Optra SE3455N Optra T430 Optra T430D
Optra T430DN Optra T610 Optra T610N Optra T612
Optra T612N Optra T614 Optra T614N Optra T614NL
Optra T616 Optra T616N

The Optra series, as with every Lexmark machine, is equipped to multi-task to all the possibilities of a busy office. Fully networked, the Optra produces a large number of high quality documents without running out of gas. The high capacity toner cartridges used in the Lexmark Optra allow for increased efficiency and production. supplies a remanufactured laser toner that can yield up to 25,000 pages per cartridge depending on the Optra device. Under close inspection every cartridge provided by remanufactured under the highest standard so you can be sure that not only will you receive a high yield product but a high quality laser toner as well.

Each cartridge is displayed with a page yield percentage that allows you to estimate the amount of toner you might need for any given job or time period. This percentage is based upon an average of printed pages when you print at 5 percent page coverage. It is important to understand the care and maintenance of your Optra laser printer to properly gain the advantages of high capacity toner cartridges. A Lexmark Optra owner should always consult the owner manual for any special instructions or maintenance needs regarding your Optra device.

Contact at 877 INK-GRAB for any information concerning the Lexmark Optra Series of laser printers. employs an expert staff of customer service professionals to meet your every need. In purchasing Optra Series laser toner cartridges you might be eligible to receive savings on shipping or bulk discounts for large-scale offers. also provides discounted combo packs and refill kits that allow you stock up on toner without breaking the bank. Browse the newsletter for more information on how you can save big on all types of Lexmark inkjet and laser toner products.