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Lexmark international Inc. is one of the most innovative developers and manufacturers of office imaging products in the industry. Formed in 1991 after IBM divested its office imaging division, Lexmark kept pushing the industry to new heights constantly upgrading hardware and drivers to make office products better. Lexmark technology is state of the art and used in many other high profile printer and multifunctional units offered by other top companies in the industry. However Lexmark hasn’t just left it at that, the company has furthered its fine reputation by supplying the industry with printers, copiers, multifunctional devices and other office machines.

3112 Clinical Assistant Education Station ExecJet IIC
Home Copier Plus I3 Impact S300 Impact S301
Impact S302 Impact S305 Impact S308 Impact S315
Impact S415 Impact S515 Institution S505 Interact S602
Interact S605 Interpret S402 Interpret S405 Interpret S409
Intuition S502 Intuition S505 Legal Partner Medley 4C
Medley 4SX Medley 4X Pinnacle Pro901 Platinum Pro902
Platinum Pro903 Platinum Pro904 Platinum Pro905 Prestige Pro802
Prestige Pro803 Prestige Pro805 Prevail Pro705 Pro 715
Pro 915 Prospect Pro205 S815 Genesis S816 Genesis
WinWriter 150C

Lexmark manufactures these machines with the same hardware and technology that it sells to other heavyweights in the office machine industry, but providing a lower cost to the consumer. Business can achieve the same excellence in documentation they receive from high priced machines in a Lexmark product without piling on overhead costs. Along with several successful lines of inkjet and laser printers offered by Lexmark, the company offers several other machines that fall into small niche markets. Performing a range of different functions from small, basic photo and simple document printing to more complex office printing and collation, Lexmark most likely has the office machine for your business. carries all of the inkjet and laser toner products to fill every single niche model that Lexmark might supply. From the compact ExecJet II with its remarkably beautiful reproduction of photos that look as if they have come straight from a professional studio to the high tech, fully networked, office-bulldog, the Lexmark LegalPartner, is your one-stop shop for every laser toner cartridge or inkjet item for any Lexmark machine on the market or even discontinued from the market. keeps the cost low for all of your inkjet and toner needs.

Browse further and find your Lexmark machine. will have the ink product you need for your niche Lexmark and provide it to you with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee so you can be sure that the genuine or remanufactured product we provide is of the highest quality and is compatible with your Lexmark device. Often, with items such as the Interpret S405, the Intuition S505 or the Prevail Pro 705 it can be difficult or near impossible to find inkjet and laser toner cartridges that can fit your needs, but you can be assured that carries all the ink products you need for your Lexmark devices.