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Towa Ribbons

The Towa Corporation is a Japanese company with office in the United States that is committed to continual technical progress for the development of the newest and most innovative ways to maximize manufacturing technology from machinery to peripherals. Towa expertise lies in the manufacturing of high-powered semiconductors and in conjunction with other large-scale companies and operations if finding new and better ways to increase and enhance productivity on several levels of business and manufacturing. The key within the Towa structure is to provide key enablers to the newest evolutions that effect modern manufacturing and business as a whole.

550PDM CS501A CS502A CS503A
CS504A ES340D ET1420

Along with large-scale solutions for big-time manufacturing products, Towa concentrates on providing logistical solutions for inventories and sales. Towa manufactures a line of dot matrix printers for several functions in warehouse management. specializes in providing the kind of printer ink support that covers every field from the top brand names in office multifunctional units to the simplest dot matrix system printer for point of sale and back of the house operations. The black ribbon ink cartridges keeps in a ready to ship stock are industry standard generics and genuine Epson cartridges, that are compatible with most if not all dot matrix style printers on the market.

Each cartridge is tested and approved by ISO9001 standards to withstand the wear and tear that it might receive in the manufacturing sector of any industrial operation. is a low cost purveyor of Epson and other ink solutions for thousands of business machines big or small, so your business can get the ink solutions it needs at a fair price. As with any compatible cartridge or unit, you should keep the operations manual handy for any discrepancies between a Towa printer and the compatible ribbon ink cartridges provided by is committed to providing the easiest, quickest and most reliable way to find the high quality printer ink solutions you need for any office machine or point of sale system at an affordable price. guarantees that each item we sell is of the highest quality and will meet or exceed your expectations for performance. For more information on the wide range of supplies and services we offer for Towa products and other top brands contact us at 877 INK-GRAB and speak to an expert customer service professional and experience the difference that quality, value and service make at