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Teal Industries Ribbons

Teal industries was a Japanese manufacturer of electronic calculators before going out of business in the late 1970’s. As a manufacturer of these machines, the company also sold parts and technology to and through larger companies such as Toshiba and Hitachi. Teal actually stands for Tokyo Electron Applications Laboratory, but products were sold under the Teal name. Although purchasing parts and supplies or even whole calculators can be difficult due to the lack of warehouse logistics and the dissolution f the company you can still find durable and high performance ribbon ink for use in a Teal calculator from

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The idea that electronic calculators are no longer usable amongst the fast paced technology of the Internet and computers is not the case. Calculators have remained a useful part of office desktops and home office and work spaces that provide a useful, quick and easy function. While admittedly the demand for such machines may be down the need to keep these remaining machines in working order with affordable ribbon ink is still high. Outside from businesses and office managers that rely on their desktop calculators, vintage collectors are interested in obtaining ink cartridges that can have their classic Teal adding machine up and running like the day it was released. specializes in carrying a full inventory of every possible printer ink solution. To inkjet and toner cartridges for the most popular brand name office workhorse machines to unique ink for postage meter, CD and DVD Duplicators and MICR printers to electronic calculators that require high quality, black ribbon ink cartridges for printing. believes that if there is the demand for one single cartridge to be sold then it should be kept in stock in the warehouse. provides a compatible black ribbon ink cartridges for use in several Teal models.

With the largest reach and inventory in the industry you can count on to provide you with a genuine, remanufactured or compatible printer ink solution for any type of office imaging machine or desktop tool you might have. offers and alternative to the high costs that some vintage shops might charge you for fraudulent of unusable ink. guaranteed the product it sells has passed all the testing required for ISO9001 certification and will perform at or above you expectations or you will receive a full refund within 90 days.