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Norand Printer Ribbon Supplies

The Norand Company is a defunct manufacturer of inventory tracking, bar code printers and other devices and solutions for retail warehouse, commercial and industrial operations. Norand was assimilated by the Intermec Corporation, a manufacturer also in the business of producing software and hardware inventory solutions. While Norand equipment is no longer for sale and has been discontinued from even Intermec plants, there is still a demand for the innovative solutions Norand is responsible for in the bar coding industry. is committed to providing a low cost option for any business or retail operation that owns Norand printing equipment with high quality printer ink solutions.

4810 NP105

Bar codes are the most essential part of the retail industry, no matter the size. The bar code at its most fundamental level is a way to identify a product, where it was manufactured and where it is being shipped or used. Most point of sale operations use scanners to inventory and sell merchandise by scanning bar codes, sometimes known as UPC or Universal Product Code. In bar coding, widely used in both the United States and Canada, the numerals 0-9 are assigned binary patterns to distinguish each number from another and create a unique indentification.

This system has been used in the retail, commercial and industrial markets for all products, whether for inventory purposes or for sale. Norand bar coding printers allow for a quality bar code label and adhesive. The need for a quality bar code stamp could make the difference between a is-identification at the point of sale, or a mistake in ordering and inventory that can be costly. carries the trusted Epson ERC-02 black single ribbon ink cartridge for use in all discontinued Norand bar code printer models. The Epson cartridge provides a reliable and durable stamp that ensures proper identification for inventory and sale. specializes in providing difficult to locate and discontinued printer ink solutions, with a full inventory of remanufactured and compatible ink product ranging over a variety of business, retail and industrial needs. Each ink cartridge, inkjet, toner, ribbon and any other ink product, is backed by the 90-Day Money back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied by the performance of your purchase we will refund you the cost of the item in full, no questions asked. Contact at 877 INK-GRAB for more information on our return and exchange policy and on the variety of printer ink solutions we provide.