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Adler Printer Ribbons & Supplies

The Adler Typewriter Series is not only a historic piece of printing technology but also a useful and prominent member of the printing industry. While word processors and the computer age have sapped the typewriter of a lot of its business steam, the device is still useful in custom letter and document writing that gives a personal touch to correspondence. Adler has long been a major contributor to the typewriting industry and continues today to be a player in the printing and digital communication markets. carries ink ribbon cartridges that are compatible for any Adler Typewriter model at a comparatively low cost to other retail and online purveyors.

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Adler is a German company that has been a leading the distribution and supply for printing and mass-communication equipment. The early history of the over 100-year-old company was in manufacturing bicycles, under the name Deutsche Triumph Fahrradwerke. Production of the Adler typewriters began in 1909. The company has endured many hardships and triumphs over the 20th Century including maintaining a thriving business through two World Wars and several mergers and sales to different German and multinational firms including Volkswagen and Italian Olivetti. Currently the Triumph-Adler Company is focused on imaging and output management.

The Triumph-Adler typewriter production was shut down as of 1997, however the demand for quality ribbon pack product for use in the multitudes of typewriters still owned and used throughout the world. For those who wish to continue to use typewriter and display the style and personal touch a typewriter can provide, as well as those connoisseurs who collect classic pieces, carries a remanufactured and compatible ribbon pack for use that will maintain the integrity you have become accustomed to in your Adler typewriter. carries four different tested and ISO9001 approved black ribbon packs for use in a variety of Adler machines. backs every ink and toner cartridge, refill kit, ribbon pack and other printing solution with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the compatible ribbon packs available for any model of Adler Typewriter simply return it for a full refund of the purchase cost, no questions asked. Contact at 877 INK-GRAB for more information on our return and exchange policy and any printing solution. The customer service team is committed to providing exemplary service along with high quality printing solutions for a variety of office machines and other imaging and document management devices.