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Point of sale and cash register machines are an integral part of the retail and services industry. Along with providing a means in which to accept payment these machines allow business owners to keep a log of a sales for a day, a week, month and even a year. B & E offers POS and register and receipt machines at an affordable cost. Payment acceptance and sales records among other functions all highlights a line of devices designed to help your business maintain itself. carries a compatible ribbon cartridge for several select models of B & E POS machines at a comparatively low cost to other retail and online outlets.

122M 122MD Lotus PD122
RE-4100 RE-4100-10 RE-4100-6 RE-50
RE-7100AP RE-7100BR

B & E is a smaller printing firm, and much like other small companies in the industry has been able to carve out a niche in the point of sale industry amongst printing giants. With a combination of lower cost machines or providing and affiliate generic, smaller companies like B & E can function under the radar from large scale printing and imaging purveyors. Smaller firms can also compete by specializing in certain component aspects that turn a profit through sale to bigger operations. With the growth of these specializations smaller companies can produce and thrive.

B & E printers accept a compatible ribbon pack that is an industry standard. carries a single black ribbon cartridge and a cash register ribbon cartridge for use in B & E devices such as the 122M and Lotus model printers or RE 7100 series of cash registers. Each cartridge is of the highest integrity and will perform seamlessly in your B & E printers and registers. carries a full line of print solutions for a variety of machines. We specialize in carrying the hard to find solutions for smaller imaging machine firms.

For information on the proper maintenance of your B & E printer or register consult the operations manual for your particular model. Every machine can react differently to cartridges and conditions. Contact at 877 INK-GRAB for more information on print solutions fro B & E point of sale and cash register devices. Speak to an customer service professional and learn more about our return and exchange program. will exchange any defective or incompatible merchandise at no extra cost to you. is the online leader in providing ink, toner, ribbon cartridges and loads of other printer ink options.