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Xerox ColorQube Solid Ink

The Xerox ColorQube Series of printers is just that; a cube of remarkable color printing. The low cost ColorQube produces quick and clear documents with outstanding color accuracy using Xerox patented solid tri-color ink stick system that produces an incredible image on paper. Ideal for offices looking for a superior edge in the imaging department, the ColorQube Series owns a multitude of business functions that will help increase productivity in your document management. carries of full line of Xerox solid ink sticks for use in every model of the ColorQube Series at a lower cost than other retail and online competitors.

ColorQube 8570DN ColorQube 8570DT ColorQube 8570N ColorQube 8700S
ColorQube 8700X ColorQube 8700XF ColorQube 8870DN ColorQube 8900X
ColorQube 9201 ColorQube 9202 ColorQube 9203 ColorQube 9301
ColorQube 9302 ColorQube 9303

Xerox has long since been known as a global leader in document management producing high quality machines since the inception of it photocopiers in the late 1950’s. The ColorQube Series is a direct descendent of quality craftsmanship and design that features copying and printing of the most elite clarity while offering scanning, networking and facsimile capabilities as well. A ColorQube Series machine can produce in a workgroup setting or large-scale operation. For any need can offer a guaranteed quality printer ink product that is tested and approved by industry standards.

The solid ink technology used in the ColorQube can produce a more vibrant color than mere inkjet or even toner powders. Solid ink is made from consumable vegetable oils that are presumably safe to eat. When loaded into a ColorQube Series printer the ink is melted to liquid in order to produce a medium acceptable to print. Due to its reduced waste output and non-toxic properties the ink sticks are safe to handle and good for the environment. Solid ink also offers the advantage of being compatible with several different types of printing surfaces making its versatility is unmatched. offers the genuine product, ISO9001 certified and lowest cost you will find on the market.

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