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Bell & Howell Printer Cartridges & Supplies

The Bell & Howell company manufacture and provide microfilm, scanning and document processing for a wide range of electronic consumer products. Based in the United States the company came to prominence manufacturing motions picture machinery, but as the industry has developed Bell & Howell have shifted gears and created a line of components and devices for several industrial, commercial and private uses. With its manufacturing wing producing components for other top brand names Bell & Howell has been able to produce its own line of office imaging equipment along with a host of other products.

Bell & Howell

Bell & Howell began in earnest in 1907 providing a rotary framer for a 35mm film projector. This production led to creating a line of film projectors that were the industry standard for many years. Bell & Howell projector and film printing technology has been used in several innovative and vital projects over the years including military intelligence and defense equipment. Today Bell & Howell products vary from digital cameras to handheld LCD TVs to noise reduction headphones. Bell & Howell has a line of multifunction office machines that require a high capacity toner of high integrity. carries a remanufactured and compatible toner cartridge for use in the Bell & Howell office machines.

The Remanufactured and compatible toner supplied by replaces a Xerox cartridge that was used in the SSH-500LP and other office printers by Bell & Howell. Each cartridge is tested to ensure it meets the industry quality control standards. Compatible cartridges are those that can be fit in several types of devices. Often times, with the sharing of technology between companies and research and development hubs, parts and components can be interchangeable, as is the case with Bell & Howell devices. Owners should consult the operations manual of their Bell & Howell model for proper maintenance. ensures through proper due-diligence and testing that each cartridge sold for use in a Bell & Howell printer is compatible and will meet or exceed performance standards. Contact at 877 INK-GRAB for more information on the multiple printer ink and toner solutions we carry for a variety of machines from top brand name companies and smaller firms that offer lower cost alternatives with comparable technology. provides a low cost alternative to other retail and online ink and toner outlets along with superior inventory and customer service representation.