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Sharp AR Series Toner Cartridges

The AR Series of Sharp multifunctional units are an advanced, multifaceted business hub for companies looking for an edge in productivity and reliability from their all in one printers and devices. Fully capable of every function and everyday business operation is looking for and so much more the AR Series offers a relatively small office footprint for its innovative capabilities and production output. Loaded with enhanced features that raise the level of office performance and productivity, the Sharp AR Series is an ideal workgroup tool for bustling operations, preparing you for the new age of office productivity.

AR 151 AR 151E AR 152 AR 153E AR 156
AR 157E AR 157EN AR 168D AR 168S AR 235
AR 250 AR 275 AR 280 AR 285 AR 286
AR 287 AR 335 AR 336 AR 337 AR 405
AR 407 AR 501 AR 505 AR 507 AR 5125
AR 5132 AR 650 AR 651 AR 800 AR 810
AR F152 AR M160 AR M205 AR M208 AR M208N
AR M237 AR M275 AR M275N AR M277 AR M280N
AR M317 AR M350 AR M351 AR M351N AR M351U
AR M355N AR M355U AR M450 AR M451N AR M451U
AR M455N AR M455U AR N275 AR P350 AR P450 carries a full line of drum unit and toner cartridges that will be compatible for any model you might own of the AR Series all in one. The remanufactured and compatible product from is top of the line and manufactured under the intense scrutiny of ISO9001 required standards. The AR Series requires high capacity and highly integrous laser toner to perform a large number of its advanced tasks. With tandem copy, carbon copy, duplex printing and son many more print, copy and fax functions available, the laser ink cartridges required for the AR Series must stand up to a difficult and arduous workload.

Each remanufactured cartridge provided by is tested prior to the ink being re-poured into the cartridge, which is cleaned thoroughly to maintain toner integrity. Once sealed the remanufactured laser toner is as good, if not improved form any genuine product you can purchase on the market or from Sharp. With drum units that print up to 30,000 pages in some advanced models, the toner product cannot be beat for capacity as well as it high quality performance and print resolution. The Sharp AR Series offers a high DPI ratio for high resolution even on more basic models.

For information on the performance of drum units and laser toner cartridges for your model of AR Series multifunction printer consult the operations manual for the particular machine you own. For questions and more information about the high quality remanufactured laser toner cartridges offered for use in the AR Series from simply contact us at 877 INK-GRAB. Our customer service team is well schooled in the properties and capabilities of each and every ink and toner cartridge we sell, whether you own a basic or advanced AR Series laser multifunctional unit.