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Office technology can move rather quickly. At the blink of an eye the printer or scanner you have become accustomed to using has been discontinued or updated. Maybe your fax machine has a niche market or your copier is not a popular model, that does not mean that these machines are not capable of continuing to perform at a high level. Why should you have to sacrifice overhead to be at the forefront of innovation. Epson has several printing, copying, fax and scanning machines that while they might be discontinued or sentenced to a life of being considered old, that are still used by many offices.

1000ICS 1060 1060 PLUS DFX-5000
DFX-5000+ DFX-8000 DFX-9000 FX-2170
FX-2180 FX-2190 FX-2190N FX-890
FX-980 M-J100 RECEIPT Maxart PM-900C Stylus Scan 2000
Stylus Scan 2500 Stylus Scan 2500 Pro

We here at stake our reputation on the philosophy that service to our customers is the top priority. Just because a machine is considered outdated does not mean it is not useful and under that belief carries an assortment of inkjet, black and color laser toner as well as fax and calculator ribbons. Our genuine and remanufactured products are certified by ISO9001 Standards and you can be rest assured that any and all inkjet, toner or ribbon cartridges we carry and provide will no void any warranty you have on your Epson machine.

A page yield percentage is listed with every product making your purchasing experience easier and more fluid. The 90-Day Money Back Guarantee allows you to return any item that is damaged or incompatible for a replacement at no extra charge. Any purchase you make can be returned if it lacks the performance you have come to expect from your Epson machine. will refund the full price of your purchase, no questions asked. is committed to you satisfaction and is always looking for ways to improve our customer relations.

Contact 877 INK-GRAB and experience the kind of service you deserve, even if your machine is outdated or discontinued. The professionals of our customer service team are committed to providing you with ink solutions for all your Epson needs, no matter how vague. Browse our newsletter and stay updated with the latest in discount codes and special coupons that might apply to a potential Epson Inkjet, laser toner, or ink ribbon purchase. While technology continues to forge ahead, understands the need to keep an eye on the past and provide for those consumers that still need to supply their office machines with high capacity and quality ink and toner merchandise.