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Sharp UX Series Fax Cartridges

Innovation in electronics is a hallmark of the Sharp Corporation. Manufacturing consumer electronics for almost 100 years Sharp also produces a quality line of office and home peripherals that are as popular as they are elite in the industry. The UX Series of fax machine from Sharp is another in a long line of this stellar inventory of office machines. There are several models in the UX Series of facsimile that span the gamut between inkjet and laser toner technology, monochrome and color. Each device shares and maintains the mark of quality and innovation set forth by Sharp Electronics.

UX 1000 UX 1100 UX 1200 UX 1300 UX 1400
UX 1500 UX 2100 UX 245L UX 2500 UX 300
UX 300M UX 305 UX 310 UX 320 UX 3200
UX 330L UX 335L UX 340 UX 340L UX 340LM
UX 345L UX 3500 UX 355 UX 355L UX 3600M
UX 370 UX 385 UX 460 UX 465 UX 465L
UX 470 UX 500 UX 5000 UX 510 UX 600M
UX 645L UX A1000 UX A255 UX A260 UX B20
UX B25 UX B700 UX B700e UX B750 UX B800SE
UX CC500 UX CD600 UX CL220 UX D1200SE UX LD600
UX P100 UX P115 UX P200

Basic models such the UX 1000 require inkjet cartridges and provide a simple but refined performance in facsimile technology that is unmatched by any peer. More advanced models such as the UX 510 or UX P100 rise to a new level of resolution. With laser technology, fax prints continually roll out with a clarity you would come to expect from a high standard machine. In any case or any model, carries the ink, toner and other printing solutions that solve your need for a quality product for use in your UX Fax machine. carries genuine, remanufactured and compatible inkjet and toner for every model of UX Series facsimile. Each cartridge meets or exceeds the standards set for ISO9001 certification, ensuring its integrity and quality. Along with a full line of ink and toner solutions provides fax paper rolls for the laser UX models in the fax series. With the advent of laser technology in fax machines, the dissemination of paper has changed. While inkjet fax machines still the plain paper, fax rolls are inserted into laser faxes for quicker and more manageable printing. The paper rolls supplied by are compatible for any model of UX Series fax machine.

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