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Lexmark X Series Ink Cartridges

The Lexmark X Series is the innovative multifunctional unit that provides offices with versatility to the max. The X Series, over several years of development has come from humble beginnings as an inkjet device to a fully operational laser machine capable of several office functions that will keep your office running at peak performance. will allow you to continue using your X Series multifunction printer and its excellent printing capabilities by providing you a low cost alternative when purchasing all the inkjet or laser toner cartridges you need to keep your Lexmark printer stocked and ready to go.

X 1100 X 1150 X 1185 X 1195 X 1240
X 125 X 1270 X 1290 X 203N X 204N
X 215 X 215MFP X 2250 X 2350 X 2450
X 2470 X 2480 X 2500 X 2530 X 2550
X 2580 X 2600 X 264DN X 264DNW X 2650
X 2670 X 2690 X 3350 X 340 X 340N
X 342 X 342N X 3430 X 3450 X 3470
X 3480 X 3530 X 3550 X 3580 X 363DN
X 364DN X 364DW X 3650 X 422 X 4250
X 4270 X 4530 X 4550 X 4580 X 4630
X 463DE X 464DE X 4650 X 466DE X 466DTE
X 466DWE X 4690 X 4850 X 4875 X 4950
X 4975 X 500N X 502N X 5070 X 5075
X 5150 X 520 X 522 X 5250 X 5260
X 5270 X 5320 X 5340 X 5410 X 543DN
X 544DN X 544DTN X 544DW X 544N X 5450
X 546DTN X 5470 X 548DE X 548DTE X 5495
X 560DN X 560N X 5650 X 6100 X 6150
X 6170 X 620 X 620E MFP X 63 X 630
X 630MFP X 632 X 632 MFP X 632E X 634DTE MFP
X 634E MFP X 642E X 644E MFP X 644EF MFP X 646DTE MFP
X 646E MFP X 646EF MFP X 651DE X 652DE MFP X 654DE MFP
X 654MFP X 656DE MFP X 656DTE MFP X 6570 X 6575
X 658DTME MFP X 6650 X 6675 X 7170 X 722EMFP
X 73 X 7300 X 734DE X 7350 X 736DE
X 738DE X 738DTE X 748DE X 748DTE X 75
X 750E MFP X 752E X 7550 X 762E X 7675
X 772E X 780 X 782E X 792DE X 792DTE
X 792DTFE X 792DTME X 792DTPE X 792DTSE X 820E MFP
X 83 X 8350 X 85 X 850E X 852E
X 854E X 860DE X 862DTE X 864 X 864DHE
X 912E X 925DE X 9350 X 940E X 945E
X 950DE X 952DTE X 954DHE X 9570 X 9575
X S736DE

The X Series started as a high-performance inkjet multifunction printer, providing full network abilities, copying, scanning, and printing. Through thorough research and development Lexmark international was able to offer a more innovative laser multifunctional machine that does everything a successful office needs. carries remanufactured and compatible inkjet for older models along with high capacity black laser toner for newer machines in the X Series of printers. You can be sure that if you have an X Series multifunctional unit, from the X1100 to the X215 to the X 9575, will provide the printing solutions for your business.

Each inkjet or toner cartridge we carry is tested vigorously to ensure the integrity of the product. ensures that our inkjet and toner is certified to ISO9001 standards and will perform as good if not better than genuine or OEM inkjet or laser toner from Lexmark Inc. Our remanufactured and compatible ink products come at a lower cost than other retailers or online merchants, so you can obtain high quality inkjet and black laser toner cartridges that will produce and perform up to and beyond your expectations. Contact the customer service team at 877 INK-GRAB to learn more about the certification and remanufacturing process. offers a fair and liberal return policy if you receive damaged or incompatible product for your Lexmark X Series multifunctional office unit. Simply return the product and we will exchange it with a replacement item at no extra cost to you. In the event that you are completely dissatisfied with your purchase you return it for a full refund with 90 days, that is an guarantee. Be sure to shop for all of your Lexmark printing solutions. is your one stop shop for all Lexmark inkjet and laser toner cartridges for your X Series multifunction printer.