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Compaq A Series Ink Cartridges

The Compaq Computer Company, since its merger with Hewlett Packard has streamlined itself as a top producer of portable and desktop computers. This has left its peripheral division, the printer and ink cartridge divisions in particular, discontinued or dormant. However, as there is still a demand for inkjet products for Compaq printers such as the A-Series of printers, is proud to provide a number of ink cartridge products to satisfy the demand of Compaq printer owners, all at a most competitive cost to these consumers.

A 1000 A 1500 A 3000 A 4000 A 900 sells genuine and remanufactured compatible ink cartridges for Compaq A-series printers through Lexmark International. Lexmark, a former wing of IBM, is an American based company that manufactures and markets compatible ink for these machines, and carries these Lexmark products for Compaq Printer owners who believe in the quality and practicality of holding onto their machines. understands this belief in quality and practicality. Every single ink cartridge remanufactured by Lexmark meets or exceeds ISO9001 standards for acceptable inkjet. assures high quality and low cost for all compatible ink cartridges for Compaq printers via Lexmark International.

As with every product you can purchase from, we offer our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee on all Compaq A-Series ink cartridges. If your cartridge is damaged in any way or the product is not compatible with your a-Series machine, will exchange the item with no extra charge. If you are not pleased with the performance of the product as a whole you can refund it for the entire cost of the item. stands by the principle that quality customer service is job one. Contact us at 877-INK-GRAB and speak to our member of our expert Customer Service Team for answers to all of your questions regarding your Compaq A-Series purchase. also offers a newsletter that is free to sign up for on top of our website. Inside this newsletter you can browse for updates concerning Compaq printer products as well as search for discount codes and special coupons you can use for future Compaq ink cartridge purchases. is committed to providing high quality service to ensure that you understand and obtain the products you need to keep your Compaq A-Series printer running at its peak level of performance. is your home for all of your Compaq A-Series Printer needs.