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Pitney Bowes is an industry giant in the postage meter machines. With professional and personal postage devices available, Pitney Bowes has covered the bases of all your postage and mailing needs. From the largest mailing center to a personal home postage meter, Pitney Bowes can supply the machine you need to get your important message and packages out. Pitney Bowes hold the patents on over 3,500 items including ticketing, shipping, laser printing and encryption production and processing. When it comes to postage and mail center office machines, there is no question that Pitney Bowes is a global leader in the mailing industry.
After creating and patenting the first double-locking hand cranked postage stamping machine Arthur Pitney teamed with Eugene Rummier to create the Pitney Postal Machine Company. An English emigrant, Walter Bowes was producing postage canceling the canceling machines to the United State Post Office among other clients. Bowes ran the Universal Stamping Machine Company until he and Pitney and Rummier merged to form Pitney Bowes. The Pitney Bowes postmarking machine, the merging of the two, patented devices, was approved by the post office in 1920. This approval led to large profits for the newly minted company and has led to Pitney Bowes global coverage in the industry to this day.

Pitney Bowes postage meters vary from personal to business to industrial. These machines can require specialized red inkjet, ribbon packs or laser toner depending on the device being used. For the best prices on this specialized ink is a low cost option for purchasing the finest printing solutions for your Pitney Bowes machines. carries the highly specialized inkjet for each machine available from Pitney Bowes. The inkjet, ribbon packs, and laser toner require and approved for proper postage stamping is professionally remanufactured through to maintain the integrity needed to satisfy United States Post Office standards. carries genuine and compatible product along with the remanufactured product that will meet or exceed you expectations for performance. Contact at 877 INK-GRAB to learn more about the remanufacturing process or for more information on the Pitney Bowes printing solutions we provide at The Pitney Bowes Company provides a technically proficient and specialized set of machines for office, factory and home use. To keep these machines performing, as they should purchase your printing solutions at