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Hewlett Packard offers a vast array to small and home office reproduction needs. The HP Color Copier Series is a strong, versatile and innovative member of the HP line of business machines that keep your business moving in the right direction. With a compact style affording in-house printing, the HP Color Copier series provides vivid resolution and flawless reproduction of office output, allowing you to create your own portfolios and a fraction of the cost. is the industry leader of providing a viable genuine, remanufactured and compatible product that suits every model of the HP Color Copier line.

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Color Copier 290 offers a factory tested, high quality product that runs cheaper than other ink product outlets. The entire line of HP Business Color Copier Series inkjet and toner passes all testing for ISO9001 Certification. These standards are set in order to assure the consumer the integrity of each inkjet and toner product sold on the market. In keeping with our dedication to quality only provides ISO9001 certified product to you along with a page yield percentage, approximating the total output of any one HP Color Copier series inkjet cartridge. What better way to arrange your order than by knowing the kind of output you will receive? is driven by the principle that proper customer service allows the customer total satisfaction with performance of your purchase. The 90-Day Money Back Guarantee backs every cartridge we sell. If you are not 100% satisfied with your inkjet purchase simply return to us for a full refund for the cost of the item. If there is any damage to a cartridge or if the inkjet we send you is incompatible in any way you can exchange it for working or the correct product. Our guarantee is rock solid and with no questions asked.

Contact us at 877 INK GRAB for any questions or comments about HP products or your Color Copier Series inkjet needs. The customer service team will guide you through the entire process of purchasing the proper inkjet for your HP Machine. Our trained representatives have all the answers from compatibility to installation. The newsletter contains several ways to increase your savings. Sign up and browse the updated discount codes and coupons that might apply to your next HP Color Copier Series inkjet purchase. is your source for the ultimate in HP inkjet savings.