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Lexmark C Series Toner Cartridges

The Lexmark C Series of laser color printers offer a fast and accurate solution to your small office imaging. Each model of the C series is a more effective and efficient machine then the last, creating high-resolution output at a low overhead for the small business keeping a keen eye on its budget. Lexmark is well known for its commitment to manufacturing premium office machines since the inception of the company in 1991. Although the C Series of color printers are no longer manufactured or available through Lexmark, laser toner solutions are still very much available at

C 500N C 510 C 510DTN C 510N C 520N C 522N
C 524 C 524DN C 524DTN C 524N C 530DN C 532DN
C 532N C 534DN C 534DTN C 534N C 540DW C 540N
C 543DN C 544DN C 544DTN C 544DW C 544N C 546DTN
C 5510DE C 5510DTE C 734 C 734DN C 734DTN C 734DW
C 734N C 736DN C 736DTN C 736N C 746DN C 746DTN
C 746N C 748DE C 748DTE C 748E C 750 C 750DN
C 750DTN C 750FN C 750IN C 750N C 752 C 752DN
C 752DTN C 752FN C 752L C 752LDTN C 752LN C 752N
C 760 C 760DN C 760DTN C 760N C 762 C 762DN
C 762DTN C 762N C 770DN C 770DTN C 770N C 772DN
C 772DTN C 772N C 780DN C 780DTN C 780N C 782DN
C 782DTN C 782N C 792DE C 792DHE C 792DTE C 792E
C 910 C 910DN C 910FN C 910IN C 910N C 912
C 912DN C 912FN C 912N C 920 C 920DN C 920DTN
C 920N C 925DE C 925DTE C 935DN C 935DTN C 935HDN
C 950DE C S310N C S410N C S510DE C S736 C S736DN
C X310N C X410E C X510DE realizes the importance of supplying solutions for any office imaging needs. Often times imaging companies discontinue printers or other device models, making it difficult to find the inkjet, toner and laser cartridges you might need for your machine. Due to this difficulty toner cartridges can become expensive and run up a budget. offers a low cost alternative to purchasing high quality toner to perform in your office device, such as the Lexmark C color laser printer series. supplies a compatible cartridge for use in your Lexmark C series device in every color it requires along with monochrome laser toner at a low price. carries a full line of compatible and consumable toner that is remanufactured with the strictest of standards. Each cartridge is pretested and approved before any ink or toner is replaced in it. This helps guarantee that the cartridge can be reused and obtain perfect continuity with the given machine it is compatible with, or the genuine device it came from. These ISO9001 certified standards oversee a method of manufacturing of many products along with laser toner cartridges. ISO9001 certification provides guidelines that allow for seamless transition to your office machine without affecting your warranty in any way.

The Lexmark C Series, while discontinued is still a viable machine to use for your color printing needs. It is an efficient machine that can still stand up to the daily grind that your business must wade through. You can be sure that owner confidence in your Lexmark C Series printer can be supported by use of the remanufactured and compatible laser toner cartridges. As a low cost alternative to other inkjet and toner outlets, offers a high quality product for your Lexmark device that is guaranteed to perform at the level you have come to expect from the Lexmark C Series printer.