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The Okifax Series is the communication line of printers from the Okidata Company. Returning to its roots as a telecom giant, Okidata offers a complete line of fax machines for use as personal, small or corporate office communication solutions. While the facsimile has been replaced by email other advances in technology, it is still a vital tool for transmitting important documents at a moments notice. When a hard copy is required a fax machine is crucial. The Okifax series combines the printing capability from the other innovative office imaging machines offered by Okidata, with laser resolution to ensure clear and concise reproductions via facsimile technology.

OkiFax 1000 OkiFax 1050 OkiFax 110 OkiFax 150
OkiFax 2000 OkiFax 2100 OkiFax 2100+ OkiFax 2200
OkiFax 2300 OkiFax 2350 OkiFax 2400 OkiFax 2450
OkiFax 2600 OkiFax 4580 OkiFax 5050 OkiFax 5200
OkiFax 5250 OkiFax 5300 OkiFax 5300+ OkiFax 5400
OkiFax 5600 OkiFax 5600+ OkiFax 5650 OkiFax 5680
OkiFax 5680i OkiFax 5800 OkiFax 600 OkiFax 650
OkiFax 800

Okidata began manufacturing telephones in its earliest days over a century ago. The Okifax series is a natural extension from a company that has led the charge of innovation in the telecom industry. The Okifax Series of office machines vary in features and availability supplies for specific models may be difficult. carries a full line of laser toner cartridges and drum units for use in every model of the Okifax series regardless of the availability of the device. Providing an expertly remanufactured and compatibility, every toner cartridge and drum unit sold by is of the highest quality.

Through certified manufacturing houses, genuine cartridge shells are thoroughly cleaned and tested for the utmost integrity before inkjet or toner is deposited back into these genuine cartridges. Once sealed there is no difference in quality or integrity from the genuine factory released laser toner for Okifax Series machines and the remanufactured product provided by Installation and usage remains the same from the genuine to the remanufactured product in your Okifax machine. Consult the operations manual of your particular device for complete instructions on how to operate your Okifax business machine. guarantees the quality of each cartridge of toner or drum unit we sell. Certified by ISO9001 standards offers a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee so you can be certain of the quality of our laser toner and drum unit products. Each cartridge is high capacity, delivering the highest quality ink along with the biggest bang for your buck. offers lower prices in comparison to other retail and online outlets. Contact at 877 INK-GRAB and speak to a customer service professional about remanufactured and compatible monochrome and color toner and drum unit cartridges for you Okifax machines at a low cost to you and your business.