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Pitney Bowes DM Series Ink Cartridges

The DM Series of postage and address printing machines are a mid volume lotion for your mailing operation. Ideal for small businesses or compact office space, this Pitney Bowes series of postage meters provide a revolutionary, reliable and fast postage and address level printing that will increase your office productivity as well as cut costs keeping your bottom line where you want it. offers a full line of ink and laser solutions for any model of DM Series mailing machine manufactured by Pitney Bowes. Our genuine, remanufactured and compatible fluorescent inkjet cartridges are available at a low cost in comparison to other retail and online ink and toner vendors.

DM 1000 DM 100i DM 1100 DM 16K DM 200
DM 200i DM 200L DM 225 DM 22K DM 22KR
DM 300 DM 300C DM 300i DM 300L DM 330
DM 400 DM 400C DM 400i DM 400L DM 450C
DM 475C DM 50 DM 500 DM 525 DM 55
DM 550 DM 575 DM 800 DM 800i DM 825
DM 875 DM 900 DM 925 DM Infinity

The DM Series offers a multitude of mid-volume devices that can fit your mailing operation needs. Depending on the model, you can process postage and address labels at remarkable speed. Supplying great productivity, the DM Series of digital postage meters are an innovative machine that is ideal for any cost concerned business. is certified to meet the requirements for valid postage by the United States Postal Service. Our remanufactured and compatible red fluorescent ink will perform as well as the genuine OEM inkjet, providing impression after impression.

The Pitney Bowes Company has always been known as an innovative face of the postage and mailing machine industry. The DM Series is representative of this innovation. Providing the proper inkjet for clear and concise postal impressions is what we do at Along with high quality red fluorescent ink cartridges provides printing accessories for a number of the DM Series models available. Envelope sealing solution and self-adhesive postage tapes are available for purchase at to keep you DM postage meter operating at the highest level possible. All the printing solutions we sell at come at a low cost.

Contact us at 877 INK-GRAB for more information on the printing solutions that are right for your Pitney Bowes machine. employs an experience customer service team that can provide guidance when deciding on an inkjet purchase. Sign up for the newsletter for additional savings on featured products on our web site. Browse for coupon codes and discount deals that can save you additional money on red fluorescent ink cartridges and breaks on shipping costs. provides top-flight customer service to ensure your satisfaction throughout the entire purchasing process.