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Okidata Microline Ribbons

Along with a formidable line of printers, fax machines, and multifunctional units, the Okidata Company is also a well renowned manufacturer of point of sale machines for any number of retail and service operations. Whether you need receipt printing for restaurants, mechanic shops or any other warehouse operation in need of reliable printing of invoice or bills the Okidata Microline Series of dot matrix printers are an absolute go-to line of point of purchase machines ideal for all of your business needs. The Microline Series of printers are dedicated towards performing seamlessly in the most demanding retail service.

Microline 120 Microline 172 Microline 180
Microline 182 Microline 182 Turbo Microline 182+
Microline 183 Microline 184 Turbo Microline 186
Microline 192 Microline 192+ Microline 193
Microline 194 Microline 195 Microline 280
Microline 320 Microline 320 Turbo Microline 321
Microline 321 Turbo Microline 3320 Microline 3321
Microline 3390 Microline 3391 Microline 380
Microline 385 Microline 386 Microline 390
Microline 390 Turbo Microline 390+ Microline 391
Microline 391 Turbo Microline 391+ Microline 393
Microline 393+ Microline 393C Microline 393C+
Microline 395 Microline 395C Microline 420
Microline 421 Microline 490 Microline 491
Microline 590 Microline 590N Microline 591
Microline 591N Microline 620 Microline 621
Microline 690 Microline 691 Microline 720
Microline 721 Microline 790 Microline 791

The Okidata Company was instrumental in the innovation of dot matrix technology starting with a burgeoning teletype and typewriter manufacturing in the 1970’s. An early manufacturer of dot matrix printers, the Okidata Microline Series is an ideal set of printers for point of purchase needs. carries the printing solutions you need for your point of purchase Microline Series of printers from Okidata. stocks a full line of seamless dot matrix ribbons for every type of Microline Series model at a comparatively low cost to competitors both in retail establishments and online vendors. A low cost guaranteed with the 90-Day money Back Guarantee. ensures that the compatible dot matrix ribbon cartridges we provide for Okidata Microline printers will meet or exceed your expectations in comparison to genuine OEM ribbon packs from Okidata. Along with keeping purchasing costs low, the ribbon we carry is certified by ISO9001 standards. Ribbon cartridges are manufactured in certified factories and tested thoroughly before being deemed worthy of use in a Microline Series dot matrix point of purchase machine. The nylon stock used for the ribbon packs compatible for the Microline Series is of the highest integrity. carries a full line of inkjet, toner and other printing solutions for all Okidata products, all at affordable prices. For the Microline Series of dot matrix point of purchase machine makes finding the right ribbon cartridge as easy as a click of a mouse or a call to 877 INK-GRAB. Speak to an customer service professional and learn about how you can save through discount coupons or shipping deals in the newsletter available at Simply sign up and browse the newsletter and save on your potential Okidata inkjet, toner and ribbon cartridge purchases.