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Primera OptiVault Ink Cartridges

The Primera Optivault Archival system allows for the back up and saving of emails that are received sent or deleted. With over 100 gigabytes of memory, an OptiVault Archival system is useful and indispensible tool for data storage and recovery. With a high resolution and fast drying print surface, your media can be identified quickly and accurately with 4800 dpi. A Primera OptiVault Archival Series device requires inkjet cartridges, both CMY Color and Black Monochrome, for its media printing. For a full line of printing solutions for an OptiVault Archival System browse

OptiVault Archival Appliance offers printing solutions for the most popular and obscure brands and models of office imaging machines, calculators, typewriters and even the specialized archival machines from Primera. The inkjet we carry for the OptiVault Archival series from Primera is genuine, straight from the manufacturer and is sold at a lower cost than you can purchase at retail. guarantees it product whether genuine or remanufactured to be not only compatible, but to be certified to meet the standards set for ISO9001 certification. ISO9001 Certification requires proper testing and manufacturing to ensure a quality inkjet product.

The OptiVault Archival Series uses WORM technology, that is, Write Once Read Many. This specification allows data to remain safe from accidental overwrite that can occur on analog or tape archival systems. With a 50-year data life, the OptiVault Archival Series printing function has to be built to last and its inkjet must be of the highest quality. With the ability to print at remarkable speeds the integrity of the inkjet must be able to stand up to the rigor of such a workload. The Primera inkjet cartridges are made to hold a high capacity of ink in order to be up for the task of printing the labels identifying your data storage discs.

For more information on the capabilities of both the archival systems sold by Primera and the inkjet required for output consult the operations manual enclosed with your particular machine. For more information on ink and toner solutions for a variety of office imaging and storage units contact at 877 INK-GRAB. The customer service professionals on call at can guide you through your entire purchase. is committed to providing the finest customer service for our customers, offering the lowest priced, highest quality printing solutions for all of your personal and office needs.