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Citizen Printer Ribbons & Supplies

Citizen Holdings Company is a global corporation based in Tokyo, Japan that specializes in consumer electronics most notably watches and timepieces. While Citizen has become the chief watch producer in the world, the company has diversified it manufacturing to include other business and office technologies such as calculators, point of sale machines and other computer printers. carries a full line of printer ink solutions for any number of Citizen calculators, POS devices in compatible cartridges. provides a low cost alternative to other purveyors of ink and print solution products and ensures quality with every purchase.

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Citizen is more widely known for it eco-drive technology for its timepieces, a line of watches that can keep time without the need for power from a battery or other electronic source. Citizen has always been a source for precision manufacturing and the entire line of calculators and point of purchase machines are a testament to that precision and care. Citizen calculators can be purchased in printer modes that require black ink ribbon cartridges. Like wise, the Citizen line of point of sale printers requires ribbon cartridges as well. inventory of Epson compatible black ink ribbon cartridges can be applied to most Citizen calculators and register printers. guarantees the integrity and endurance of the Epson compatible ribbon cartridge. Tested and manufactured to meet the standards set for ISO9001 certification, the Epson ribbon ink cartridges are industry approved. The Epson line of black, red and other color ribbons cartridges are widely used in many point of sale and calculator print technology. The compatibility of Epson to fit a wide variety of machines and the level of respect and trust it receives from other manufacturers assures the quality of the product. Consult the operations manual for your particular Citizen printer to better understand its capabilities and compatibility with the compatible Epson ribbon ink. backs each purchase of ribbon cartridge for your Citizen device with our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. Simply return your purchase within 90 days and you will receive a full refund for the purchase price no questions asked. also employs a return and exchange policy for any defective merchandise. If you receive a damaged or incompatible product you can return it for a replacement at no extra cost to you. At we pride ourselves on providing a high quality print solution at a low cost to consumers.