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Burroughs - Unisys

The merging of the Burroughs Master Control Program and the technology giant Unisys have provided advances in the way operating systems delineate source code for proper processing of multiple channels can be used in every day operations and machines. The manufacturing wing of Unisys along with the programming talent of Burroughs has provided large-scale industrial businesses and government agencies with check printing and processing along with other identification and processing machines. While the Burroughs Unisys Company has focused more on its service to the industry then manufacturing goods, there are still a variety of business and document management machines available through the company.

Burroughs Unisys
AP1317 AP1318 C6453 C6460
ENC 9000 NDP-60 S4000 S4000-20
S4100 S4600 S600 S650
S690 UDS 15 UDS 20 UDS 25
UDS 35 UDS 423

The development of MCP technology from Burroughs allowed for a lot of the technology you find in operating systems you see today, especially those in industrial machinery and systems with a need for unparalleled source code and virtual memory avenues. The Burroughs MCP is ideal for large-scale operations due to it proprietary software that allows for customizing and upgrading the program to fit the needs for complex operations. With the manufacturing base of Unisys the MCP technology has been useful in providing hundreds of mechanical uses such as check writing and processing and retail and industrial register machines. carries a line of compatible ribbon cartridges for each model of MICR check writing machine or cash register available through Burroughs Unisys. These machines tend to be interchangeable when it comes to ink and ribbon needs. When a manufacturer of a machine does not specialize in printing solutions often it will outsource its need or provide for a generic cartridge to be fitted. carries a full line of Epson and generic equivalents that are compatible with most if not all ribbon cartridge driven printers. Each cartridge is certified by ISO9001 standards and guaranteed by for quality and performance. is a chief online source for a variety of printing solutions for personal peripherals as well as office machine products and even commercial and industrial operations. With the a comparatively low cost inventory of products than other retail and online purveyors, is sure to the right price for the right ink and toner cartridge solution. Contact us at 877 INK-GRAB and experience the difference in affordability, inventory and stock. With such a wide range of printing solutions you sure to find a ribbon cartridge compatible for use in your Burroughs Unisys printing device.