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Detewe Printer Cartridges & Supplies

The Detewe Communications GmbH is a telecom giant based in Berlin, Germany. GmbH is short for German Telephonewerke. Founded in 1887, the German company was involved in the creation of the R. Stock Telegraph Apparatus, designed by Robert Stock a leader in German telecommunications. The company is responsible for the advancement of the German telecom industry. Detewe still operates in Germany and Europe and has developed telecommunications products such as the VarixFax 2150 and others. The VarixFax is a laser-printing facsimile of the quality of the finest in the industry. carries a line of OEM, compatible laser toner cartridges for the VarixFax model among other print solutions for other Detewe machines.


For well over 120 years Detewe has been at the forefront of the German and European telecom market but has also developed technology and manufactured machines for direct and indirect sales for business looking for point of purchase solutions. Detewe is still very much a major player in European POS industry supplying solutions for all types of operations and is involved with the management of communications networks including its own VoIP, Voice-over Internet Protocol, technology and devices. specializes in providing the printing solutions every business needs in this worldwide economy and has a full inventory of solutions for niche products such as the Detewe VarixFax.

In many instances, ink and toner manufacturers produce cartridges that not only fit the ink case of its products but also can be used in a generic and compatible sense in other devices and machines from other companies. Often this phenomenon occurs when a smaller manufacturer specializes in a particular technology that is crucial to the overall manufacturing of a particular device like a facsimile or printer. The Detewe VarixFax series is a compatible match with the Okidata laser toner cartridge that Okidata manufactures for its fax and laser-printing machine. displays a page yield percentage with each cartridge we feature to provide an approximate reference. Okidata cartridges can produce up to 2,500 pages at 5 percent of page coverage. Each printer model can react differently and other products from other manufacturers like Detewe can have a different result with a particular Okidata laser ink cartridge be sure to consult the Detewe VarixFax 2150 operations manual for the most accurate maintenance information. Contact at 877 INK-GRAB for more information about the laser printing solutions we provide for Detewe office and telecom machines and the individual capabilities of each Okidata laser toner cartridge we sell.