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NeoPost IJ Series Ink Cartridges

The IJ Series is fully functioning line of postage meters from the world-renowned leader in postage and mailing machines, Neopost Inc. The IJ Series along with an innovative function and style capable for use in small or home offices to large corporate centers. The IS Series is another in a log line of quality Neopost machines that provide streamlined logistics for you business, saving time, money and providing an elite level of productivity from your office or business mailing operation. Available for both high and low volume needs, the IJ Series machine is ideal for your present needs but also has the ability to expand its function with easy to install software upgrades.

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IJ 50 IJ 60 IJ 65 IJ 70 IJ 75 IJ 80
IJ 85 IJ 90

Each Neopost machine, including the IJ complete series of postage meter models, features the imeter postage meter that allows a series of standard and optional applications that will expand the memory and overall performance of each machine. These applications along with business apps allow a business to better manage its mailing center and keep costs low. carries a full line of red fluorescent inkjet especially for use in the IJ Series of postage meters. Our remanufactured inkjet is of the highest quality certified to meet or exceed ISO9001 standards. provides this compatible inkjet for each model of the Neopost IJ Series of postage machines that is available at a lower cost than other retail outlets and online vendors. Along with a full line of remanufactured inkjet, also carries a full stock of adhesive trips for print use with your IJ Series postage meter. These 300 strip packs are also available at a low cost to the Neopost consumer through With both remanufactured red fluorescent inkjet and 300 single self-adhesive strip packs, any office can keep its Neopost machine up and running at its peak level of performance.

Each cartridge we carry is displayed with a page yield in its description field. This percentage is an approximate number of total impressions that allows you to understand how much performance you can obtain from each remanufactured red fluorescent inkjet cartridge. Consulting the IJ Series Operator Manual will also help better understand the working ability of your postage meter and how to optimize your machine to increase your savings. also offers savings on shipping for all orders so be sure to browse the newsletter to find out how you can save money while upgrading your office logistics.