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NeoPost AS Series Ink Cartridges

Neopost Inc. offers solutions to postage logistics for the worldwide business community. Based in Europe, Neopost has long been considered a global leader in the innovation and manufacturing of postage meters, handlers and shipping label printers for the office management community. The Neopost AS Series is one line of postage meter offered by Neopost that ensures speed, accuracy and flexibility in performing your office mailing operation. To keep your postage meter operating at its peak performance, be sure to browse for all of the inkjet you need to keep the Neopost AS Series postage meter stocked and ready for all of your office mailing needs.

AS 223 AS 225 AS 226 AS 268 AS 700 AS 710
AS 73 AS 830 AS 930

The AS Series postage meter from Neopost is an ideal office tool for maximizing value from your office mailing operation. Costs of logistics can become daunting, a mailing solution such as an AS Series from Neopost can streamline office costs while also allowing your business to benefit from United States post Office automation discounts. AS Series models come with discounting software that can also save time and money. The AS Series prints correct postage as well as bar coding features for shipping label printing and ease of delivery. carries a full line of monochrome and color inkjet cartridges fro the AS Series postage meter.

The remanufactured ink cartridges carried are certified by industry standards to provide high quality and fast drying results. All of the inkjet sells for the AS Series of postage meters are spot colors, which have the consistency in which to print up to 600 dpi for use on difficult, more porous media applications. offers these cartridges at a low cost than other retail or other online purveyors, bring a high quality product and low cost inkjet product to your business, guaranteed. carries a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee for every cartridge we sell. Along with an even exchange program for damaged or incompatible cartridges, our money back guarantee is a no muss, no fuss operation. If you are not satisfied with the performance of our remanufactured inkjet product simply return it for the total cost of your purchase, no questions asked. is committed to supplying high quality ink product for all of your Neopost AS Series needs. Multiply your savings by browsing through the newsletter and find discount deals on shipping and inkjet for your Neopost purchase.